About Our Journey

It seems that we have done something right. Last October I was able to retire from my position as a manufacturing supervisor; and a few weeks ago Jen announced her plan to retire from government service at the end of this year. We are planning a vacation in Panama the first week in October. While there, we are checking off an item on our bucket list. We will be taking a Panama Canal tour from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.  We will also be looking for a rental house where we will spend February and March of 2018. While spending the winter in Panama we will explore the country to determine if our dream of eternal summer could become a reality. Panama is a country about the size of South Carolina with an average daily temperature ranging from 72 to 88 degrees. It has hundreds of miles of beaches, rain forest, and even mountains where we will find the climate a little cooler. Our friends who know of our plans have encouraged us to blog our experience. Neither of us have ever published a blog or even contributed to one, but we are dedicated to making this blog great. We will both contribute and share our experiences. Our goal is to link you to the great places and adventures as we go. Jen says that it is too early to start this, but the adventure started once our plan started falling into place. Our posts will likely be less frequent over the next few weeks, however, we wanted to document the journey including the planning. We will use this time to develop and fine tune our blogging skills. It will also provide you, our friends and readers, a feel for what is going into planning this adventure. Needless to say, we are excited and want to share the excitement. We hope that you will all check back often and share this incredible journey with us.