Our Panama Vacation T minus 1 day and counting.

Well the bags are packed and all our pre-vacation tasks are completed. I have been working tirelessly on this Blog. Nobody said that this would be easy…or cheap. I have read countless books and spent numerous hours trying to make this blog the best it can be. I have to be honest. I am a bit of a perfectionist. That’s probably no secret to some of you. I have spent money on domain, hosting, and all kinds of things to make this great. We plan to fill it with everything anybody would want to know about retiring to Panama, from start to finish. We have plans to publish daily posts, pictures, and video while we are on the ground next week. Pictures will appear here in the daily posts, and the video will be presented via embedded link to U-tube. The U-tube thing is the part that we are most concerned. It link is the 1 thing that seems to be giving me problems.We hope that all of you will be able to connect and see the videos that we post.  All that being said, we have also added a couple of advertiser links. Advertisers will help us cover the cost of getting this whole thing to come together. It is your option to ignore the ads, but we hope that if you find something interesting you will click-through to help cover our costs. In the future the ads you see now, will be replaced in our Blog by only tried and true, “best” based on our own experience.

Some of the best advise I read recently suggested that we invite our readers to comment and share our posts. We will be sharing this entire experience on Facebook (2RetireInPanama@PanamaGreg), Twitter (@PanamaGreg89), Tumblr (panamagreg.tumblr.com), Pinterest (pinterest.com/greg_kitzmiller), and Instagram (panamagreg89). If you prefer to follow us in one of these places, great. We hope, though, that you will sign up to get our e-mail and follow us right here so that we can hear from you right here by way of comment. If you choose not to sign up, please check back often. It is important to Jen and myself that you all will enjoy this experience as much as we do.


The Vacation Countdown Continues

With only 13 days to our vacation in Panama I must apologize for my lack of posts over the past 2 weeks. It turns out that hurricane Irma had different plans for me. I took a trip to Florida to spend some time with my dad who has been hospitalized, and ended up evacuating him to safety from a category 5 hurricane that made a direct hit just north of his home in Florida. During the horrible ordeal we were ultimately safe, but had no internet, TV, or proper healthcare for him. The moral of the story is one of the biggest attractions Panama has for a permanent retirement home, in my opinion, is that there is no risk of being in the path of a hurricane there.  In Panama I will never have to install hurricane shutters again.

Jen and I have both got our clear FBI reports for our visa’s. That process is continuing, and we are gathering the other documentation so that all will be ready for our extended trip in February.  We have also finalized arrangements for a driver/guide to deliver us to Coronado where we are promised a variety of rentals to select from for our stay this winter. We have our reservations for the Panama Canal trip and our excitement is building by the day.

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Panama Vacation Countdown beginning

Over the past few days I have been working to get this site ready to go live. I didn’t want to go live with no content, and now I believe that the content is sufficient. Jen and I are on the countdown to vacation in Panama. If you started at the beginning you already know that our vacation is less than a month away and we will be packing a lot of rest and relaxation into our time at the resort. In addition, we will be doing a couple of things to get prepared for our adventure next winter. Yesterday I secured the services of Marc Vargas. He will be picking us up at the resort on October 4th, and take us to Coronado where we will be looking at rentals for our 2 month adventure coming up in February. We are excited to be moving forward with our plans and will be keeping you all dialed in to the whole adventure from start to finish. You may notice that I put links to all the social media at the bottom of the this blog. I am sometimes challenged by electronics so do not judge if all of these are not working exactly right. If you are a big fan of FaceBook, click on the link and join our Face Book group. Twitter, Instagram, etc. should work much the same. Please sign up for our notifications at the bottom by leaving your e-mail address. If you decide that following our adventure isn’t for you you can opt out any time.