The Panama Adventure Guide is here

We have been stressing over getting around in Panama. We were told that google maps and Garmin will not help us much. That being said, we will be taking taking our Garmin and google maps along, however, the need for a back-up plan was definitely on our radar. We love Amazon Prime, and that is where we found our detailed road map and lots of other goodies. It came from National Geographic. Now we can match up our destination and adventure list to create a plan that makes sense. This will also help with scouting out places that we may want to live. In the very near future we will be unfolding the map for you to show where some of these great adventures are going to take place.

Today’s Spanish lesson is this: Por favor, poder usted la ayuda me encontrar la centrar de el pueblo…translated Please, can you help me find the center of town?

Today’s post is short and sweet, but we must keep things rolling. Next time we will return our focus on adventure planning. Thanks for continuing to follow along and please remember to like, share, and comment. For all our Spanish speaking friends, please feel free to weigh in on our Spanish lessons. Learning Spanish will probably be easier when we are on the ground in Panama, however it is important that we get the essentials down before we leave. Adios

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  1. We are on the ground and tried to use Google Maps to find our resort…miserable failure. Once we finally found it, the concierge told us about Waze, THE app to use for GPS in Panama. Have been using it for 2 days now in our explorations…works great!

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